The New Art and Science of Teaching [DVD/CD/Facilitator's Guide/Book]

By: Robert Marzano

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Publish Date: 03 July 2018

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As a companion to Robert J. Marzano’s The New Art and Science of Teaching, this video workshop shows master teachers in real classrooms applying the research-based framework that has proven successful. The New Art and Science of Teaching framework identifies ten design areas that show the relationship between teacher actions and student mental states and processes. The design areas are within three categories of teaching – (1) feedback, (2) content and (3) context – that form a road map for F–12 teachers’ lesson and unit planning. Effective feedback offers students an awareness of what they should be learning and what they are doing; content instruction allows students to move from initial understanding to application; and with context, teachers consider students’ psychological needs of engagement, sense of belonging and high expectations. The video workshop identifies and explores eighteen elements of instructional strategies. By observing real teachers implementing these instructional elements, and engaging in the workshop’s activities, F–12 teachers can sharpen their skills, learn new techniques to engage their students in more meaningful learning experiences, and launch a new era of student learning. The workshop includes eight segments:

  1. Welcome and Video Introduction
  2. How Learning Takes Place
  3. How to Plan Instructional Elements
  4. The New Art and Science of Teaching Framework
  5. Feedback Elements With Exemplars
  6. Content Elements With Exemplars
  7. Context Elements With Exemplars
  8. A Framework for Change

F–12 teachers and administrators can view The New Art and Science of Teaching independently or use it with the facilitator’s guide to provide two half-day workshops or one full-day workshop. It includes one seventy-two minute DVD, a twenty-four-page facilitator’s guide in print and on CD, and a copy of the book The New Art and Science of Teaching.

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