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Targeting Behavior and Academic Interventions [DVD/CD/Facilitator’s Guide]

Author: Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum

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ISBN: 9781760567491

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Publish date: 02/07/2018

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Often, students most at risk of not
acquiring the academic skills, dispositions, and knowledge necessary for
long-term success also experience behavior problems. To address students’
behavior and academic challenges, Mike Mattos and Austin Buffum developed the
pro-solve process. As seen in the video, the three tiers of response to
intervention (RTI) best help students from falling behind in their learning.
The thoughtfully adapted RTI at Work™ pyramid, aligned with the PLC at Work™
framework, makes individual students the focus of multi-tiered school
interventions. RTI at Work™ is accomplished through the four Cs: collective
responsibility, concentrated instruction, convergent assessment, and certain

Collaborative teams demonstrate the
pro-solve process in this thirty-two-minute video. By bringing together two
traditional approaches to RTI implementation—(1) the protocol-based process and
(2) the problem-solving process—teachers determine, target, and implement
behavior and academic interventions in the three-tiered RTI structure,
highlighting teacher responsibility and student support.

The video program explores and responds to
the five questions of the pro-solve process.

  • What are the concerns?

  • What are the causes of the concerns?

  • What are the desired outcomes?

  • What steps must be taken to achieve the

    desired outcomes?

  • Who is going to take responsibility for each