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Standards-Based Learning in Action: Moving from Theory to Practice

Author: Tom Schimmer, Garnet Hillman, Mandy Stalets

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ISBN: 9781760567460

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Publish date: 28/06/2018

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Get past the knowing–doing gap with the practical tools and
actionable steps in Standards-Based
Learning in Action: Moving from Theory to Practice
. Authors Tom Schimmer,
Garnet Hillman and Mandy Stalets offer implementation practices and processes
that rightly compare students’ comprehension to performance standards instead
of comparing them to each other. The approach also gives explicit guidance for
separating behaviours from academics. Delve into the research or go directly to
the action plans and effective communication strategies for talking to students
and parents about the classroom changes that occur while transitioning to
standards-based learning.

F–12 teachers and administrators will:

  • explore concrete steps for putting
    standards-based learning into action

  • implement schoolwide change, beginning
    with classroom practices

  • align and effectively sequence units with

  • create effective proficiency scales and

  • communicate effectively with students and
    parents about classroom practices.