Personalised Learning in a PLC at Work

Student Agency Through the Four Critical Questions

By: Austin Buffum, Sascha Heckman, Mike Mattos, Timothy Stuart

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Publish Date: 07 June 2018

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Personalised Learning in a PLC at Work: Student Agency Through the Four Critical Questions is a guide for all schools aspiring to be innovative and transformational. Authors Timothy S. Stuart, Sascha Heckmann, Mike Mattos and Austin Buffum explore what it means to be a learning-progressive school and what schools have in common: they are high-functioning professional learning communities (PLCs) with well-implemented response to intervention (RTI) structures, and they have developed mutual partnerships with students in the learning process. Making the PLC process student centred – encouraging students to make sense of the four critical questions that are the foundation of PLCs – helps them engage with the content and meet curriculum requirements with an understanding of why they must meet them.

F–12 teachers and leaders will:

  • examine the need for students to develop future-ready, transdisciplinary skills
  • discover a co-constructed learning approach in which teachers function as coaches and students own their learning
  • deliver instruction that focuses on students’ personal strengths and weaknesses
  • learn how to create personalised learning pathways and learning progressions that include real-world learning
  • discover how schools across the globe have implemented successful personalised learning programs.
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