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Passion and Persistence [DVD/CD] Revised Edition

Author: Richard DuFour

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ISBN: 9781760567439

Publish date: 02/07/2018

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Since 2002, the best-selling Passion
and Persistence
has inspired thousands of K-12 schools and districts to
implement the professional learning community (PLC) process. In a
straightforward yet entertaining manner, Richard DuFour’s seven-minute
motivational video provides and overview of the fundamental PLC concepts. Set
to new, invigorating music, this revised video contains the memorable quotes
and lighthearted humour that made the original so special and adds key research
to refer to when transforming a school or district into a PLC.

Passion and Persistence: How to Develop a
Professional Learning Community at Work™
will motivate K-12 teachers, administrators and staff members as
they seek to hone their PLC practices. They will:

  • Motivate their entire team to implement
    the PLC process

  • Learn the key concepts of the PLC process

  • Understand the benefits of collaboration
    in order to ensure learning for all

  • Use current research to reinforce the
    importance of implementing the PLC process

  • Offer an excellent introduction to or
    reinforcement of the PLC process