Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work™

By: Bill Barnes, Timothy Kanold, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Matthew Larson, Sarah Schuhl, Mona Toncheff

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ISBN: 9781760567392

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Publish Date: 20 June 2018

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Mathematics Coaching and Collaboration in a PLC at Work is a guide to coaching actions that provide the greatest benefit for supporting K-12 mathematics teams. It includes tools for lesson study, embedded coaching and responding to evidence of student learning from common unit assessments. It advocates focused coaching and collaboration with teacher teams to drive increased student achievement in mathematics. Part of the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series, it offers a comprehensive professional learning community (PLC) approach to sustaining deep change in mathematics success. The PLC at Work process is one of the best models that schools or districts can use to build a more equitable learning experience for students. Using the four critical questions of a PLC, teams will provide every mathematics student with common learning experiences, opportunities for sustained perseverance, and robust formative feedback. Divided into two parts, this book offers two key coaching actions for success from the Mathematics in a PLC at Work framework, guiding leaders to (1) develop PLC structures for effective teacher team engagement, transparency and action; and (2) use common assessments and lesson-design elements for teacher team reflection, data analysis and subsequent action.

Readers will:

  • Build a mathematics teaching culture that engages and promotes learning for staff and students
  • Optimize coaching and foster equity and belonging to encourage collaboration
  • Gain tools to promote high levels of learning for all students
  • Encourage commitment for increased student understanding of mathematics
  • Work interdependently with their teams to eliminate inequity in their practices
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