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Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching the Small Group

Author: Juli K. Dixon, Lisa Brooks, Melissa R. Carli

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ISBN: 9781760567378

No of Pages: 88

Publish date: 29/06/2018

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Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching
the Small Group
by Juli
K. Dixon, Lisa A. Brooks and Melissa R. Carli explains the benefits of teaching
mathematics in small groups and offers practical guidance for doing so. Similar
to the other books in the Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching series, here
mathematics teachers become learners. Through this book, F–5 teachers will
discover how to utilise small-group instruction to intervene with struggling
students and enrich students’ learning. Using this practical resource,
educators will discover key strategies to learn and teach foundational
mathematics concepts for Years F–5 students in small groups and provide all
students with the precise information they need to achieve academic success.

Years F–5 teachers, coaches, supervisors and administrators will:

  • understand the purposes of small-group

  • watch short, engaging videos of real small
    groups in action

  • use guiding questions to prompt thoughtful
    consideration and analysis of each video

  • apply the tasks, questioning and evidence
    (TQE) process to successfully plan and implement small-group activities

  • discover how to engage students in
    productive discourse and meaningful conversation.