The Forgotten Curriculum; An RTI Approach for Nurturing Essential Life Skills

By: Chris Weber

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Publish Date: 29 May 2018

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While state, regional and federal curricula have prioritised academic skill development, behavioural skills – including self-regulation, perseverance, growth mindsets and learning strategies – have fallen by the wayside, lowering student readiness for university, careers and life.

In Behavior: The Forgotten Curriculum; An RTI Approach for Nurturing Essential Life Skills, Chris Weber takes a tried-and-tested method of ensuring student achievement – response to intervention (RTI) – and encourages F–12 educational leaders, administrators and teachers to apply this process to essential behavioural skills.

As educators discover the benefits from and the necessity of teaching behavioural strategies, they will find themselves prepared to engage all students within their classrooms and help them develop key behavioural skills. Readers will:

  • gain background and practical knowledge necessary to design and implement comprehensive, RTI-based supports
  • identify and define the behavioural skills most needed in their region or district
  • instruct and model essential behavioural skills
  • develop methods of measuring student success
  • differentiate teaching to prepare each student for success beyond the classroom.
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