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Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work™

Author: Rebecca DuFour, Thomas Many, Susan Sparks-Many, Michael J. Maffoni, Tesha Ferriby Thomas

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ISBN: 9781760567286

No of Pages: 176

Publish date: 27/06/2018

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While much evidence has supported the significant impact
professional learning communities (PLCs), collaboration and coaching each have
on learning, few schools and districts have combined these concepts to shift
the focus of their coaching from individual teachers to collaborative teams. But
Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative
Teams in PLCs at Work™
merges these three constructive concepts and presents
F–12 coaches, administrators and teacher leaders with a framework that enhances
collaborative efforts in PLCs and represents the next generation of best
practices in teaching and coaching. Thomas W. Many, Michael J. Maffoni, Susan
K. Sparks and Tesha Ferriby Thomas show how coaching teams collaboratively improves
the productivity of traditional best practices in coaching, which address
teachers individually. Using the latest research on coaching and collaboration,
the authors present feasible steps leaders can take to adopt collaborative
coaching methods, fortify their teacher teams and PLCs, and enhance teaching
and learning.

Readers will:

  • gain anecdotal insights from teachers and
    empirical evidence from schools that confirm how coaching and refining
    collaborative teams can strengthen PLCs

  • use the pathways for coaching
    collaborative teams to reflect on the effectiveness of their instructional

  • learn how to develop and use a strategy
    implementation guide to map out team success

  • consider how coaches can operate as consultants,
    collaborators and coaches of reflective thinking

  • analyse coaching scenarios that illustrate
    how to turn ineffective team meetings into positively collaborative ones.