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How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Australian Curriculum

Author: Brian Pete, James Bellanca, Robin Fogarty

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ISBN: 9781743306925

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Publish date: 05/12/2012

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The Australian Curriculum is designed to make F–12 students university and career ready in mathematics, English, history, geography, science and technical subjects. The goal has been set. The challenge now lies in how teachers will address these standards in the classroom. Divided into seven key student proficiencies, How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Australian Curriculum is a practical guide that prepares teachers to teach to the standards, across all year levels and content areas. Authors James A. Bellanca, Robin J. Fogarty and Brian M. Pete show teachers and educational leaders how to make simple adjustments to classroom instruction in order to enhance students’ critical thinking skills and prepare them for university and the workforce.

Using this straightforward resource, you will:

  • Find ways to promote the most prominent thinking skills within the Curriculum in your classroom

  • Attain tips for primary-, middle-, and senior-level learning

  • Be prepared to teach to the standards and help your students apply their strengthened thinking skills across the curriculum