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The New Art and Science of Classroom Assessment

Author: Robert Marzano, Jennifer S Norford, Mike Ruyle

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ISBN: 9781760568702

No of Pages: 144

Publish date: 27/08/2018

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Effective classroom assessment must go well beyond traditional
assessment. A shift to a new paradigm for classroom assessment is necessary:
where teachers use assessment to its full potential as a tool for feedback. In The New Art and Science of Classroom
, authors Robert J. Marzano, Jennifer S. Norford and Mike Ruyle
recognise this need and explain how to apply The New Art and Science of Teaching framework to classroom
assessment. This book presents current research, theory and practice regarding
classroom pedagogy across writing, reading, mathematics, science and other
learning areas. With this book, F–12 teachers will learn how to change their
methods of classroom assessment to create a more holistic model of assessment
reflective of course curriculum and student progress.

F–12 teachers will:

  • explore new assessment methods

  • apply new assessment strategies and
    techniques to support the paradigm shift

  • gain an understanding of more general and
    supportive aspects of assessment

  • develop expertise with assessment tools

  • find examples to assist them in building
    new assessment methods.