101 Tips for Teaching Online

Helping Students Think, Learn, and Grow – No Matter Where They Are!

By: Alex Kajitani

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ISBN: 9781760946760

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Publish Date: 26 May 2022

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When schools around the world announced plans to shut down and switch to remote learning, many teachers were left scrambling. A move to virtual learning meant teachers had to implement new online platforms, new workspaces and new ways of communicating and connecting with students no longer in front of them. Author Alex Kajitani’s 101 tips for teaching online: helping students think, learn, and grow – no where they are! features succinct, practical tips to help any teacher make the most of online teaching. With research-based advice relating to student engagement, classroom management, assessment, self-care and more, this book provides accessible strategies that will help educators streamline the virtual education process and create a healthier learning environment for both students and teachers.

F–12 teachers will:

  • learn to present well on camera and keep students engaged
  • nurture an online classroom community committed to learning, equity and comradery
  • incorporate best practices for online instruction
  • implement virtual assessment strategies to maintain academic integrity and growth
  • apply self-care practices to avoid burnout.
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