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The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music, Revised Edition

By: Mark Onuscheck, Robert Marzano, Jonathan Grice

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ISBN: 9781760566258

No of Pages: 168

Publish Date: 10 October 2019

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In The New Art and Science of Teaching Art and Music, authors Mark Onuscheck, Robert J Marzano and Jonathan Grice explore how teachers can apply The New Art and Science of Teaching framework to teaching art and music. This comprehensive book offers over 100 detailed strategies for and examples of implementation. Throughout this book, the authors address the following design areas within three categories of teaching: (1) feedback, (2) content and (3) context.

Each chapter includes self-rating scales teachers can use to assess their performance and determine areas of strength and improvement. Each chapter ends with guiding questions for curriculum design. This book will help all teachers address the learning outcomes for art and music necessary for student success.

F–12 teachers will:

  • receive time-tested strategies and ideas to improve teaching and learning in art and music classrooms
  • understand which instructional elements are best suited to arts education and utilise the specific suggestions and techniques for implementing them in the classroom
  • improve teaching practices and student understanding by utilising strategies that ensure students learn at the highest levels
  • examine methods for increasing student engagement and improving classroom culture to help students thrive in art and music programs
  • confront the unique challenges in art and music programs and feel inspired to collaborate with other teachers to continuously improve arts programs.
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