Building Bridges

Engaging Students at Risk Through the Power of Relationships

By: Don Parker

Foreword by: Robert Jackson

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ISBN: 9781760566241

No of Pages: 198

Publish Date: 14 June 2019

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Building Bridges: Engaging Students at Risk Through the Power of Relationships features evidence-based strategies to create positive relationships with students at risk to help them succeed in school and life.

Based on his own experience teaching and leading students at risk, author Don Parker explains how zero-tolerance policies are not effective and, instead, how building trusting teacher–student relationships improves students’ behaviour and leads to academic achievement. Parker provides the guidance necessary for F–12 teachers and leaders to create a school culture that promotes student success.

Readers will:

  • understand how to effectively reach students at risk
  • read and learn from the author’s firsthand experience leading and teaching students at risk
  • discover how school culture and climate affect student behaviour
  • use chapter-ending questions to reflect on the book’s content
  • create a plan to help students at risk, using each chapter’s actions steps.
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