Creating a Culture of Feedback

By: Paul J Cancellieri, William Ferriter

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Publish Date: 22 February 2018

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Creating a Culture of Feedback emphasises the need for a healthy balance between grading to report individual progress and using feedback to motivate students to move forward. Authors William M. Ferriter and Paul J. Cancellieri stress that classrooms must shift their focus to prioritise effective feedback over grades. 

Using this concise guide, Years 3–12 teachers can help students visualise their own learning progress and take the route to success using three important questions: (1) Where am I going? (2) How am I doing? and (3) What are my next steps?

Years 3–12 teachers will

  • gain instructional strategies to shift from a culture of grading to a culture of feedback
  • discover how important feedback is to developing learners
  • determine the characteristic of effective feedback
  • learn the benefits of having students engage in peer feedback
  • access digital tools to engage students in assessment.

Solutions Series: Solutions for Creating the Learning Spaces Students Deserve reimagines the norms defining F–12 education. In a short, reader-friendly format, these books challenge traditional thinking about schooling and encourage readers to question their beliefs about what real teaching and learning look like in action.

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