The Fundamentals of (Re)designing Writing Units

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Publish Date: 24 April 2018

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Prepare students to take on any writing challenge, including district- and state-mandated literacy tests. Perfect for teachers, curriculum designers, and literary coaches, this title provides guidance for designing new writing units and revising existing ones across content areas for grades 5–12. You’ll discover practical strategies and best practices for teaching skills in drafting, editing, revising, feedback, assessment, and student collaboration.

  • Examine the stages of the writing process and the benefits of teaching students to work through them.

  • Assess the particular importance of the feedback stage of the writing process.

  • Study the components and rationale of the backward-planning approach to unit design.

  • Gain access to downloadable templates, checklists, rubrics, and student activities useful for designing a unit and guiding lessons.

  • Explore comprehensive lists of online resources and tools that educators and students may use in lessons aimed at writing.

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