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School Improvement for All: A How-To Guide for Doing the Right Work

Author: Sharon V Kramer, Sarah Schuhl

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ISBN: 9781760565503

No of Pages: 182

Publish date: 27/06/2018

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In School Improvement for All:
A How-To Guide for Doing the Right Work
, authors Sharon V. Kramer and Sarah
Schuhl present a practical guide for implementing Professional Learning
Community at Work™ practices in schools that need to improve student
achievement but feel they have tried all their options. Kramer and Schuhl
advocate continuous improvement by urging school staff to assess their school’s
practices and how they can change these processes to help students of all skill
levels meet academic expectations.

F–12 teachers and administrators will:

  • learn how to drive increased academic
    achievement for all students

  • contemplate their school’s reality and
    determine what actions they can take to improve student learning

  • find ways to plan for structural changes
    that will produce the school culture they seek

  • discover the importance of determining
    priority standards and developing a guaranteed and viable curriculum

  • learn the steps for creating common assessments
    that enhance learning and align with state and national standards

  • plan effective instruction and respond to
    student learning

  • explore data sources that authentically measure student
    growth and help celebrate students’ success

  • consider anecdotes from the authors’
    experiences working with schools that illustrate proven practices in action

  • answer collaborative team questions to
    further target their school improvement efforts

  • use helpful protocols, rubrics, and action
    and assessment plans to improve student achievement.