Vocabulary in a SNAP

100+ Lessons for Elementary Instruction

By: Angela Peery

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Publish Date: 16 March 2018

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Primary educators face crucial questions when shaping their vocabulary instruction – what words to target and how to foster self-directed student learning. Vocabulary in a SNAP: 100+ Lessons for Elementary Instruction by Angela B. Peery provides more than one hundred research-based mini-lessons that help teachers efficiently shape instruction, each taking no more than twenty minutes of instructional time. Years F–5 teachers can modify these flexible, effective lessons to fit their curriculum and their students’ needs. With these tools, educators can collect data on student learning and refine their instruction to strengthen students’ vocabulary, their confidence and interest in reading, and their likelihood of success in the 21st century.

F–5 teachers will:

  • explore more than one hundred short, memorable mini-lessons for vocabulary instruction that they can adapt to fit their curriculum
  • obtain suggestions for scaffolding and accelerating each mini-lesson to meet students’ individual needs
  • target the most crucial root words, prefixes and suffices in the English language to best employ their instructional time
  • find helpful technology-based resources for vocabulary instruction
  • gain research-based instructional strategies used in the mini-lessons.
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