Essentials for Principals

Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools, Second Edition

By: Kenneth Williams

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Publish Date: 08 March 2013

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Essentials for Principals: Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools provides P–8 principals with practical, research-based methods for developing a safe and supportive school environment – a caring learning community of students, staff members and other stakeholders. Readers will learn how to:

  • Create a positive and welcoming school building.
  • Develop schoolwide conflict-management strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • Establish an effective schoolwide policy for behaviour and discipline that focuses on teaching behavioural expectations and using reinforcement and positive rewards.
  • Address and prevent bullying, including cyberbullying.
  • Encourage student initiative and resilience and establish high expectations.
  • Reach out to families and community members.
  • Plan for a crisis.

Make your school a safe and secure environment where your students can express themselves with Creating Physical & Emotional Security in Schools, and watch them grow not only as students, but as individuals.

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