Make It Happen

Coaching With the Four Critical Questions of PLCs at Work

By: Kim Bailey, Chris Jakicic

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ISBN: 9781760565008

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Publish Date: 17 January 2019

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In Make It Happen: Coaching With the Four Critical Questions Questions of PLCs at Work, authors Kim Bailey and Chris Jakicic provide instructional coaches with the tools they need to support collaborative teacher teams in their work to promote student learning. The authors identify three major variables in schools that impact the work of instructional coaches: (1) capacity, (2) culture and (3) context. Using these variables as a foundation, the book provides solutions and strategies for coaches as they marry their role of coaching with professional learning communities (PLCs), advocating a team-centred model that emphasises student learning outcomes.

Readers will:

  • study the four critical questions of a PLC and the common clarity they build across teams of educators
  • examine their role as an instructional coach and the unique requirements of coaches in a PLC
  • explore situations and issues that can arise in schools with varying cultures and practices, as well as strategies to resolve them
  • study three major variables that act as the foundation and set the stage for their work as an instructional coach
  • reflect on their actions as a coach by exploring the support their teams need, the role they should play and issues they should anticipate.
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