Teaching for Transfer

A Guide for Designing Learning With Real-World Application

By: Michael McDowell

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ISBN: 9781760941857

No of Pages: 188

Publish Date: 13 October 2020

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In Teaching for transfer: A guide for designing learning with real-world application, author Michael McDowell provides F–12 teachers with a road map for reconfiguring classroom instruction to ensure that students learn to expertly apply their knowledge and skills to different contexts. McDowell outlines three levels of complexity in learning – (1) surface, (2) deep and (3) transfer – and explains that while the foundational levels of surface and deep are essential and allow students to understand and relate ideas, transfer-level work is key; it involves the interdisciplinary problem-solving students need to practice to become creative, well-rounded citizens who can meet and overcome unexpected challenges. Offering ample research, concrete strategies, grade-level examples, and end-of-chapter next steps and reflection questions, McDowell demonstrates the importance of transfer-level learning and the means by which readers can support this skill development in their students.

Readers will:

  • study the three levels of complexity in learning
  • understand how to create transfer-level learning experiences by leveraging foundational knowledge and skills
  • learn specific strategies and protocols for incorporating perspective and perplexity in the classroom to mimic real-world challenges
  • address reflection questions individually and in collaboration with other educators
  • review specific grade-level examples throughout the book and in the substantive appendices.
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