Riding the Wave

Teacher Strategies for Navigating Change and Strengthening Key Relationships

By: Jeremy S. Adams

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ISBN: 9781760941406

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Publish Date: 08 July 2020

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In Riding the wave: Teacher strategies for navigating change and strengthening key relationships, author Jeremy S Adams discusses how constant change and reform characterise twenty-first-century teaching – and how they put a strain on classroom teachers and their professional relationships. Adams pinpoints five key teacher relationships with the use of concentric circles, moving from the innermost relational sphere outward: (1) the self, (2) students, (3) colleagues, (4) administration, and (5) the community. In five parts, the book outlines the stresses particular to each relationship by presenting relevant research. Each part concludes with practical, actionable strategies readers can use to not only strengthen these relationships but thrive in the classroom.

With this book, readers will:

  • recognise the waves of change unique to twenty-first-century education
  • familiarise themselves with the dynamics of classroom teachers’ five key relationships
  • identify the ways in which teacher morale affects teacher efficacy and collaboration
  • learn specific research-based strategies for improving the five key relationships
  • reflect on and respond to problems and questions that frequently arise due to endless reform.
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