Whatever Happened to the Classroom Turtle?

How Animals Spark Student Engagement

By: Brady Barr

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Publish Date: 31 July 2020

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How many toes does a snapping turtle have? And do salamanders really regenerate limbs? Students have a natural curiosity about the world around them – and Whatever happened to the classroom turtle?: How animals spark student engagement and a love of learning shows how this curiosity is best served when students come face-to-face with the animals themselves! National Geographic’s resident animal expert and author Brady Barr makes the compelling case that student learning improves both in and out of the classroom when students encounter animals up close and personal. Complete with tips on everything from selecting an animal to meeting the inevitable hurdles of cost and care, Whatever happened to the classroom turtle? provides F–12 educators with all the guidance they need to bring nature into their classrooms and cultivate students’ minds as nature intended.

Readers will:

  • become familiar with the numerous benefits that animals in the classroom provide, including increased student wellbeing and success in school
  • study the various obstacles that might prevent keeping animals in the classroom and learn how to overcome these obstacles
  • review a step-by-step process for bringing animals into the classroom in a way that enriches students’ lives
  • discover multidisciplinary lesson-planning strategies for any subject area
  • learn how to source food and find, set up, and maintain enclosures for classroom animals.
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