Moving Beyond Busy

Focusing School Change on Why, What, and How

By: Greg Curtis

Foreword by: Jay McTighe

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ISBN: 9781760940560

No of Pages: 154

Publish Date: 04 December 2019

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p>In Moving Beyond Busy, author Greg Curtis fights back against the meaningless busywork of change and aims to reinvigorate the school-improvement process through his Input-Output-Impact (I-O-I) framework. To prepare students for modern life, schools need to focus on impacts – transformational learning goals that transcend academic content. The process of effective change centres on three questions – (1) why, (2) what and (3) how. With these questions in mind, K–12 school and district leaders can realign school systems with the goals and values so often espoused in mission and vision statements. Using this book, readers will be able to move past busyness and achieve the transformations they desire in their schools.

Readers will:

  • examine the current process of change in schools, why it has often been ineffective, and the potential of the why-what-how sequence of change to provide greater effectiveness
  • become familiar with the I-O-I framework, including how educators can teach and assess impacts
  • learn how to progress from the planning stages of change to the actual implementation of change
  • identify ineffective actions to eliminate to free up time and resources for practices that align with the school’s mission and vision
  • benefit from numerous additional resources and reproducibles that will assist in the understanding and implementation of essential concepts.
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