Designing the Future

How Engineering Builds Creative Critical Thinkers in the Classroom

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Publish Date: 29 November 2019

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Designing the Future: How Engineering Builds Creative Critical Thinkers in the Classroom provides easy-entry, low risk ideas teachers can build on to bring out the talent and creativity already in the classroom. Offering twenty-five-plus activities and projects, author Ann Kaiser guides teachers to incorporate engineering into their existing classwork. Regardless of the subject, strategic engineering design thinking and practices provide the framework to help students stop looking for just one right answer. By incorporating the engineering design hallmarks – it’s OK to make mistakes and there is always more to learn, for example – teachers can create an innovative classroom environment. When implemented properly, the engineering design process creates learning opportunities that encourage students to take flight, becoming lifelong learners who can problem solve creatively and think critically.

With this book, readers will:

  • explore the engineering design process and unpack its hallmarks and stages
  • discover how to create a classroom culture that uses critical convergent and divergent thinking to make the most of mistakes
  • learn how to develop and adapt engineering design activities and projects for various grade levels and disciplines
  • receive tools that facilitate student and teacher reflection for maximum impact
  • formulate an action plan adapting current classroom content.
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