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Raising the Rigor: Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom

Author: Eileen Depka

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ISBN: 9781760563851

No of Pages: 122

Publish date: 03/08/2017

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The adept use of questioning has the power to enhance
students’ critical thinking skills and learning. With the right strategies in
place, K-12 teachers can visualize the best way to help students expand their
knowledge. In Raising the Rigor:
Effective Questioning Strategies for the Classroom
, Eileen Depka shares
instructional practices and tools that teachers can use to respond to students’
diverse needs as they develop 21st century skills. Through sample
situations, templates and suggested strategies, Depka illustrates how effective
question design, specifically with guidance from Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
framework and Benjamin Bloom’s taxonomy, promotes college and career readiness
and deepens student engagement. When teachers design effective questions, they
set the stage for quality discussions that engage and inspire students.
Promoting higher-order thinking skills not only actively engages students’
minds but supports a deeper, more meaningful level of understanding.  

With this book, K-12 teachers will:

  • Create rigorous standards-based
    questions and tasks

  • Release responsibility
    gradually to allow students to ask deep questions

  • Differentiate student
    assignments and effective assessments

  • Learn student engagement indicators

  • Establish a classroom culture
    that creates trust and promotes inquiry