The Cost of Dropping Out DVD

Author: Mike Mattos

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Publish Date: 20 July 2017

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Set to Beck’s influential song “Timebomb”, this short video packs a powerful punch. Ideal for team meetings and whole-school professional development, Timebomb: The Cost of Dropping Out features research from Mike Mattos, internationally recognised author, presenter and practitioner. The alarming statistics highlight the lifelong negative effects of an incomplete education. The video’s bold message will inspire and energise teams to provide the best education possible by collaborating at high levels and establishing quality systems of support.

With Timebomb, F–12 teachers, leaders, administrators and support staff will

  • gain statistics on the impact of education on society
  • understand how education benefits every aspect of a person’s life, health and well-being
  • explore the increasing value of having a high school diploma, university degree and advanced degree
  • understand how educating today’s students positively affects subsequent generations
  • motivate staff to build quality systems of academic and behavioural interventions.

Additionally, the DVD features an interview with Mike Mattos, in which he discusses the importance of Timebomb’s message, highlighting three powerful potential purposes:

  1. Seeing why we do the work
  2. Bringing context to the work
  3. Sharing the research with the school community.
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