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Transforming Schools and Systems Using Assessment: A Practical Guide

Author: Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst, Beth Reynolds

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ISBN: 9781743303382

No of Pages: 174

Publish date: 14/03/2012

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Research shows that the single, most powerful solution to improving education today is quality assessment for learning. However, the shift to a dynamic learning paradigm in schools must begin with leaders and policy makers. Assessment for learning not only enables our students to achieve success, but also provides a system of true accountability for learners of all ages. The experiences, insights and resources within this practical guide will help leaders successfully transform schools and systems.

Using stories and samples, co-authors Anne Davies, Sandra Herbst and Beth Parrott Reynolds illustrate the processes that enable leaders to successfully work towards transformation, identify the trouble before it happens and plan next steps. Also featured are practical ideas and tools to support every leader and leadership team to problem solve along the way.