Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader

By: Timothy Kanold

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Publish Date: 27 March 2017

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HEART!: Fully forming your professional life as a teacher and leader by Timothy D Kanold supports F–12 educators in reflecting on their professional journey. In this inspiring five-part book, Kanold presents the concept of a heartprint – the distinctive impression that an educator leaves on students and colleagues. In a conversational, humorous tone, HEART! offers teachers and leaders guidance in regard to what they can do to uncover their professional impact and foster heart-centred classrooms and schools.

F–12 teachers and leaders will:

  • examine the five unique aspects that make up the HEART of a professional life, happiness, engagement, alliances, risk and thought
  • answer essential questions that will help them understand their distinctive heartprint
  • gain wisdom and profound insights from dozens of teachers and thought leaders
  • journal throughout the book to ponder the heartprint they have left on the people in their lives and professional experiences
  • explore outside print and online resources that can teach them more about what it means to have HEART in education.
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