No Disposable Kids

By: Larry Brendtro

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Publish Date: 08 February 2013

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Educational literature is replete with evidence that the most effective educators are those who treat students respectfully. Yet current systems rely greatly on punishment and coercive strategies. At a time when many are pessimistic about problems facing youth, the authors contend that schools and communities can help all children thrive and succeed.

No Disposable Kids - based on the authors' groundbreaking work at Starr Commonwealth with court-ordered youths - challenges the notion of any child being 'too far gone' to be helped. The authors provide insight into the world of these youths by sharing strategies drawn from the best resiliency models and their success with actual cases. By reframing rebellious acts as signs of resilience, the authors uncover the natural self-righting tendencies of youths who face adverse circumstances.

In five chapters that lay the foundation for fostering resiliency in youths, you will learn:

  • How to transition students from a self-image of 'damaged goods' to one of 'survivor's pride'
  • Alternatives to 'get tough' and 'kick out' strategies
  • Techniques for boosting self-worth and dignity
  • Specific ways of enlisting youths in their own education and healing
  • How to form successful problem-solving alliances with youths
  • What to do to create a climate of mutual respect
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