Redefining the Norm

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Educators often find that the technical aspects of professional learning communities (PLCs) are much easier to implement than the cultural ones. Understanding and changing human behaviour is key to any significant paradigm shift. This presentation focuses on historical, sociological and psychological aspects of school cultures that make implementing PLCs a challenge. Participants will learn how leaders can identify resistance and turn it into high levels of learning for all students.

Viewers will dare to confront the status quo after seeing Dr Muhammad’s review of the achievement gap problem and the challenge of reform—culturally and technically. This unique combination of educational research, student data and practical assessment of the state of education today provides an understanding of how schools came to be in their current positions and what drives and impedes reform from the teacher’s perspective. In a professional learning community, these three big ideas are of foremost importance: focus on learning; collaborative school culture, and; focus on results. Dr Muhammad’s conclusion identifies two underlying assumptions in a PLC that must become part of the status quo in schooling: all children can learn and all children will learn because of what we do.

This package includes a 90-minute DVD with the presenter’s session, a CD with the presenter’s slide presentation, an excerpt from the book Transforming School Culture, and more.

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