Making Homework Matter DVD

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At the beginning of her breakout session (from the August 12, 2009, Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Institute in Lincolnshire, Illinois), Cassandra Erkens says, “Fish can’t see water. They swim in it every day, and they can’t see it. We are swimming in homework water, and I’m going to ask us to step back and see it.” Erkens is a high-energy, engaging presenter who uses humour, stories from her teaching experience, and lots of discussion to breathe life into the purpose and meaning of homework. She emphasises the importance of allowing students to make mistakes (and learn from them) as they practise their skills. Erkens provides several helpful tools for teachers to emphasise important points:

  • Sample scenarios to demonstrate using formative classroom assessment as homework
  • Sample charts for students of all ages to track their own learning progress and identify skills they still need to master
  • Worksheets to get teachers and administrators thinking more deeply about the purpose of homework and the importance of descriptive feedback

Descriptive teacher feedback is of the utmost importance, and Erkens discusses why it is important to give students specific targets to work on, rather than just giving them general comments on their graded homework papers. Take a step back to reflect on your current homework practices, make changes to improve them, and watch more of your students succeed!

This package includes a 64-minute DVD with the presenter’s session, a CD with the presenter’s slide presentation, an excerpt from the book The Collaborative Teacher, and more.

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