Essentials for Principals

How to Interview, Hire and Retain High-Quality New Teachers

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As the key to student success starts in the classroom, principals face the challenge of finding and keeping highly qualified teachers who will work to ensure learning for all. In this third edition of How to Interview, Hire and Retain High-Quality New Teachers, authors John C. Daresh and Bridget N. Daresh use their firsthand experiences and observations to guide readers through effective processes for recruiting, interviewing and hiring faculty who will best fit individual schools' needs. Readers will gain suggestions for implementing induction and mentoring programs to help support and ensure the success of teachers navigating a new school culture, classroom management issues and curricula so they may be retained in their new positions.

With this how-to guide, K-8 principals will:

  • Gain insight into productive recruitment and interviewing procedures
  • Understand what constitutes effective mentoring and induction programs to support new teachers
  • Learn how to form a recruitment process around the school's values and vision to find the best matches to fill teaching positions at their schools
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