Transforming School Culture

Understanding and Overcoming Resistance to Necessary Change DVD

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In this breakout session from the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ Institute in Denver, Colorado (July 10, 2009), Anthony Muhammad uses stories from his personal experience—both as a beginning student and as a teacher—to engage all participants. Through those often humorous stories, he demonstrates how difficult it is to truly compare students, and how important it is to remember that every student learns differently. He also identifies and explains how to work with staff who hold the following perspectives, as identified in his book, Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division:

  • The Believers are committed to the learning of each student and operate under the assumption that their efforts can make an enormous difference in that learning.
  • The Fundamentalists want to preserve the status quo.
  • The Tweeners are typically new to a school and are attempting to learn its prevailing culture.
  • The Survivors have been so overwhelmed by the stress and demands of the profession that their primary goal becomes making it through the day, the week and the year.

Muhammad describes the beliefs and assumptions of each of these groups and the dynamics within and among the groups. He explores how the outcome of these dynamics will ultimately determine the culture of a school, and explains how staff members can respond to these groups in order to create a school culture that supports change.

This package includes an 85-minute DVD with the presenter’s session, a CD with the presenter’s slide presentation, an excerpt from the book Transforming School Culture, and more.

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