Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition

By: Toby Karten

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ISBN: 9781760942236

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Publish Date: 25 March 2021

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As schools are filled with increasingly diverse student populations with diverse learning needs, inclusive education becomes more important by the day. In Inclusion strategies and interventions, second edition, author Toby J Karten aims to help educators provide consistent and strong learning pathways and create classrooms conducive to learning for both general education learners and learners with special needs. By using this book’s interventions and accommodations connected to individual personalities, characteristics and abilities, F–12 general and special education teachers will create inclusion classrooms in which students thrive and exceed expectations. The book also includes many practical tools for immediate classroom use as well as appendices with useful acronyms and information about how legislation affects inclusion.

F–12 educators will:

  • recognise the necessity of inclusion and the legal aspects of inclusion in education
  • gain a foundational understanding of the varied and diverse students who inhabit inclusion classrooms
  • explore methods of inclusion across a spectrum of subjects
  • learn how to maintain the standards for an inclusion classroom across the curriculum
  • discover various collaborators who can help in an inclusion classroom, such as co-teachers, special educators, coaches and administrators.
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