Pyramid Response to Intervention

Four Essential Guiding Principles A Multimedia Kit

By: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos

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Publish Date: 08 December 2011

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This pack includes:

•  Facilitators Guide with Resources and Reproducibles
•  PDF of Facilitators Guide on CD
•  Four Session DVDS:

Session One: Collective Responsibility
Session Two: Concentrated Instruction
Session Three: Convergent Assessment
Session Four: Certain Access

Are your students learning at high levels? Shift to a culture of collective responsibility, and ensure a path of opportunity and success for every one of them. Focusing on the four Cs vital to student achievement, this powerful four-part program will help you collect targeted information on each student’s individual needs, while offering important learning leverage points.

This video program explains how effective response to intervention (RTI) ensures that every student receives the time and support necessary to exceed. RTI is most successful, the videos show, in the culture of a professional learning community (PLC).

This program explores the essential guiding principals of RTI, the “four Cs” that must guide our actions so that all students will succeed: collective responsibility,
concentrated instruction, convergent assessment and certain
access. Included are unscripted interviews and team meetings
with teachers and school district leaders, as well as classroom scenes.

Session One: Collective Responsibility
The program opens with an overview of response to intervention, how it works, and why it is most effective when implemented within the professional learning community model.

Providing every student with the time and support needed to learn at high levels is an ongoing commitment. Collective Responsibility is a shared belief that the primary responsibility of each member of the organisation is to ensure high levels of learning for every child. In this session, teachers and administrators demonstrate the collaboration needed for effective implementation of RTI.

Session Two: Concentrated Instruction
Concentrated instruction is a systematic process of first identifying essential knowledge and skills that all students must master to learn at high levels, and then determining the specific learning needs necessary for each child to get there.

In this session, teacher teams identify then unpack standards into learning targets that are essential for all students to learn. The targets are the basis for common assessment to determine necessary interventions.

Session Three: Convergent Assessment
Convergent assessment is an ongoing process of collecting and analysing data to determine the specific learning needs of each child and the effectiveness of the instruction the child receives in meeting those needs.

In this session, teachers work in collaborative teams to identify student learning needs, determine targeted interventions, monitor the effectiveness of those interventions, and revise or extend support as needed.

Session Four: Certain Access
Certain access is a systematic process that guarantees every student will receive the time and support needed to learn at high levels.

In this session, teachers and school leaders discuss how to structure the school day to create time for interventions and enrichment, how to identify which adults are going to provide that support, and what resources they will leverage.

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