Literacy Reframed

How a Focus on Decoding, Vocabulary, and Background Knowledge Improves Reading Comprehension

By: Robin Fogarty, Gene Kerns, Brian Pete

With: Jan Bryan, Cheryl Ballou

Code: SOT2229

ISBN: 9781760942229

No of Pages: 198

Publish Date: 03 February 2021

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For decades, educators have struggled to overcome stunted student growth in literacy. Literacy reframed offers a fresh perspective on reading instruction with a robustly research-affirmed alternative to classroom skill work.

Authors Robin J Fogarty, Gene M Kerns and Brian M Pete use the big three elements of literacy – decoding, vocabulary and knowledge – to guide educators in creating a classroom environment where students deeply engage in reading, writing, speaking and listening. The wealth of concrete, adaptable classroom examples and scenarios throughout the book will help K–12 teachers take action on this exciting approach.

  • Gain thoroughly researched information on current issues and challenges in the world of literacy.
  • Understand how a foundation in decoding and phonics can underpin a lifetime of literacy success.
  • Grasp the necessity of immersing students in words throughout their classroom experience.
  • Discover how essential background knowledge is to reading comprehension.
  • Comprehend digital reading’s role in a literacy-rich classroom.
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