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What Principals Need to Know About: The Basics of Creating Brain-Compatible Classrooms

Author: David Sousa

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ISBN: 9781742392080

No of Pages: 108

Publish date: 01/09/2011

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Designed to meet the unique needs of P–8 principals and other administrators, this brief, accessible guide examines the basics of brain-compatible learning. Dr Sousa guides principals through a quick tour of brain structures and reveals the latest discoveries of how the brain works. With helpful examples and figures, the book presents applications of educational neuroscience to build productive and successful brain-compatible classrooms.

The basic overview of educational neuroscience presented in this book is designed to help principals construct meaningful professional development that enhances teachers’ knowledge and skills about brain-compatible learning. With Dr Sousa’s guidance, principals will be able to establish a positive classroom and school climate, and build more productive and successful problem-solving teams.


  • Describes how the brain learns in accessible language

  • Includes comprehensive brain research on teaching and learning

  • Utilises helpful examples and figures