Innovation Through Technology

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In this keynote session (from the 13 October 2010 21st Century Learning Institute), Cheryl Lemke shows how to design tomorrow’s curricula by using research in sociology, learning and neuroscience as reinforcement for the key elements in 21st century learning:

  • Democratisation of knowledge
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Web 2.0 and mass collaboration
  • Multimodal learning

She explains how students can use high-tech tools to explore ideas, research questions, test hypotheses, compose thoughts and reach conclusions. These technological tools aid in collaboration and authenticity: two highly effective accelerators to learning as they enable interactivity, sharpen and extend thinking, and pique intellectual curiosity. This video describes how to:

  • connect the theory of 21st century skills to student learning and specific lesson design
  • recognise the critical role of learning sciences research in the 21st century
  • envision new designs for learning, now possible through digital tools

This package includes a 58-minute DVD with the video session and a CD-ROM with materials to support team or individual professional learning, including the presenter’s PowerPoint, an excerpt from the book 21st Century Learning and relevant web links.

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