21st Century Learning in a Networked World

For Our Students and Ourselves DVD

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Internet access has put the world at our fingertips, providing a classroom without walls. It allows us to contribute our experiences to the sum of human knowledge online. In this keynote session from the 21st Century Learning Institute held on 13 October 2010, Will Richardson shares eight shifts necessary to fully utilise Internet technology as a continuous learning opportunity. He challenges educators to set aside the old model of schooling and re-envision the foundation of teaching and learning as global and continuous. Will offers insight on how to:

  • pull information globally from alternative sources.
  • manage and synthesise multiple streams of information.
  • detect false information on the Internet.

By empowering our students and ourselves to leverage the influence of technology, we can provide continuous learning and better prepare for a 21st century world.

This package includes a 72-minute DVD with the video session and a CD with materials to support team or individual professional learning, an excerpt from the book 21st Century Skills and relevant web links.

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