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Knowing What Counts: Setting and Using Criteria, Second Edition

Author: Anne Davies

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ISBN: 9781742391809

No of Pages: 64

Publish date: 20/01/2012

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Increase engagement, learning and achievement by involving students in the process of classroom assessment. Sandra Herbst explains that “when teachers work not only to share the learning destination with their students, but to identify what quality evidence of learning looks like en route to the learning destination, then students have a much clearer picture of what they need to know, do, and articulate.” 

The book is divided into three sections to make it easy for educators to navigate the strategies and ideas. The first section outlines a four-step process for working with students to set criteria that encourage participation, understanding and ownership. The authors provide specific examples of what each step in this process might look like. The second part of this book offers 10 ways to assess student work and provide specific and descriptive feedback to help students improve their learning and academic performance – without assigning a mark or using a traditional marking system. The third section provides a list of common questions educators may have as they attempt to implement the strategies described in the first two sections. The authors respond to these questions in detail and provide examples for ways educators can adjust the strategies to their specific needs.