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Making Classroom Assessment Work, 3rd Edition

Author: Anne Davies

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ISBN: 9781742391762

No of Pages: 134

Publish date: 27/02/2012

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When should we assess, and when should we evaluate? What might be the results of evaluating too early or too much? How do we know if we are evaluating the right things? How do we know what makes sense for the learner and for the course? These questions are at the heart of Making Classroom Assessment Work.

This book combines powerful ideas with practical strategies to implement quality classroom assessment. Use assessment for learning to guide instruction, provide feedback, collect evidence of learning, present evidence of success and produce accurate standards-based school reports. The framework provides a guide for teachers - from involving students, parents and community members in the assessment process, to evaluating and reporting progress.

Each chapter ends with a section of questions and reflections to encourage readers to guide their own learning and the learning of students, to identify key decision points in planning their own individual strategies, and to carry out assessment for learning in a way that fits their classrooms.