Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School

The TQE Process

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With Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School: The TQE Process, participants have the opportunity to engage in mathematics as learners. This unscripted video program addresses three specific goals: (1) to explore meaningful tasks as learners of mathematics for teaching, (2) to make sense of the TQE process (tasks, questioning, and evidence), and (3) to create a shared vision of classrooms where teachers are supporting the TQE process and students are engaged in meaningful mathematics learning experiences. The program accomplishes these goals through the use of challenging tasks for teachers, effective questions related to classroom content, and classroom video showing tasks modelled during instruction.

The workshop is divided into eight segments:

  1. Welcome and Opening
  2. Considering the Learner’s Role (Comparing Types of Functions Graphically)
  3. Using the TQE Process (Solving f(x) = g(x) Graphically)
  4. Creating a Shared Vision of Classroom Instruction (Linking Graphical and Algebraic Solutions to Equations)
  5. Making Sense of Mathematical Progressions (Exploring Different Ways That Lines Can Intersect)
  6. Helping Students Make Sense of Mathematics (Interpreting Graphs to Create Context)
  7. Considering the Teacher as Learner (Modelling a Bird’s Wings in Flight)
  8. Closing

Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School: The TQE Process can be viewed alone or used with the facilitator’s guide to provide one full-day workshop or two half-day workshops. It includes eight segments totalling thirty-eight minutes in length on DVD, a PowerPoint presentation on CD, a forty-page facilitator’s Guide in print and on CD, and a copy of the book Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching High School.

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