Teaching With Purpose

How to Thoughtfully Implement Evidence-Based Practices in Your Classroom

By: Karen Gazith

Foreword by: Evelyn Lusthaus

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ISBN: 9781760941314

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Publish Date: 29 September 2021

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With ever-changing demands and diverse learning needs, teaching is a daunting, challenging endeavour. Author Karen Gazith seeks to help teachers meet this challenge by incorporating best practices into their classrooms. Teaching with purpose: How to thoughtfully implement evidence-based practices in your classroom is built on seven well-researched principles that can assist teachers in creating a classroom environment conducive to learning for every student present. Ranging from improving classroom management to establishing and communicating learning goals, the principles are applicable to both new and veteran teachers alike. These seven principles construct a robust picture of what the classroom can and should be: a safe place of learning and growth.

Readers will:

  • create classrooms based on learning and equality
  • develop strong instructional strategies and classroom management skills
  • implement formative assessments into everyday studies
  • understand the importance of perseverance and grit in the classroom setting
  • discover several practical planning templates to help apply evidence-based teaching strategies.
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