Personalized Deeper Learning

Blueprints for Teaching Complex Cognitive, Social-Emotional, and Digital Skills

By: James Bellanca

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ISBN: 9781760941192

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Publish Date: 12 April 2021

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F–12 teachers see the value of engaging their students in twenty-first century skills, but they are frequently uncertain of how to go about it. In Personalized deeper learning: Blueprints for teaching complex cognitive, social-emotional, and digital skills, author James A Bellanca articulates how all teachers can simultaneously teach assessed academic content and promote crucial deeper learning skills. Bellanca offers blueprints for teachers and students, clear tools with which teachers can become effective guides in the process of student-directed discovery, regardless of grade level or style. Through personalised learning plans, students exercise skills that will extend from their F–12 education to their adult life.

Readers will:

  • gain an understanding of deeper learning and the three critical skill sets – (1) complex cognitive, (2) social-emotional and (3) digital
  • discover existing digital skills curricula and how to construct such a curriculum
  • observe examples of personalised deeper learning and completed templates at the primary and secondary levels
  • comprehend how personalised learning plans can ensure students learn what they need to know and, through learning transfer, what they want to know
  • foster a trusting classroom environment.
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