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Game Plan: A Playbook for Developing Winning PLCs at Work

Author: Hector Garcia, Katherine McCluskey, Shelley Taylor

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ISBN: 9781760561178

No of Pages: 136

Publish date: 22/02/2017

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Game Plan:
A Playbook for Developing Winning PLCs at WorkTM
asserts that educators
and schoolwide and district leaders can learn a lot from champion-ship level
sports teams. Like a sports team, a school leadership team must develop a
uniform game plan to foster a collaborative community of learners, develop a
shared focus, and meet growth goals. It takes more than enthusiasm and a few
talented individuals to build strong collaborative relationships and be
consistently successful. Authors Hector Garcia, Katherine McCluskey, and
Shelley Taylor provide a collection of coaching points in order to help teams
examine their process, explore change and new concepts of leadership, assemble
commitment to PLC princples, and concretely employ these principles in a PLC

Educators will:

  • Learn why a well-defined
    game plan is necessary for schools and districts to build solid collaborative
    relationships and be steadily successful

  • Study the coaching points
    featured in each chapter, which highlight a skill or strategy and how to
    implement it to achieve a critical aspect of a uniform game plan

  • Assess facilitation
    guides, conversation prompts, related questions, templates, and rubrics they
    can use to evaluate and build their game plane

  • Read quotations that
    provide real-world links to the described strategies and that can be used for