Professional Learning Communities at Work® and High Reliability Schools™

Cultures of Continuous Learning

Edited by: Robert Eaker, Robert Marzano

Contributors: Robert Eaker, William Ferriter, Heather Friziellie, Tammy Heflebower, Jan Hoegh, Marc Johnson, Timothy Kanold, Robert Marzano, Mike Mattos, Anthony Muhammad, Cameron L. Rains, Mike Ruyle, Julie A. Schmidt, Eric Twadell, Phil Warrick

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ISBN: 9781760941017

No of Pages: 438

Publish Date: 05 May 2020

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Professional Learning Communities at Work® and High Reliability Schools™: Cultures of Continuous Learning brings the ideas and recommendations of many renowned leaders in education into one resource for educators working to help students achieve at ever-higher levels. Each chapter contributes to a sound conceptual framework and successfully proves that the Professional Learning Community (PLC) at Work process and the High Reliability Schools (HRS) model are not only interrelated; they support each other. Readers will study each level of the HRS model and the ways in which successful implementation of the model improves education. Then, readers will see that level of the model at work in a PLC. Using this book, readers will see how the merging of the HRS model and the PLC at Work process leads to vastly improved schooling for all students.

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