Community Connections and Your PLC at Work®

A Guide to Engaging Families

By: Nathaniel Provencio

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ISBN: 9781760940393

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Publish Date: 23 August 2021

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Parent engagement with schools is known to be key to student achievement, but building such involvement can be a challenge, especially in economically disadvantaged schools that need it the most. In Community connections and your PLC at Work®: A guide to engaging families, author Nathaniel Provencio guides readers to build this vital engagement by broadening a school’s professional learning community (PLC) so it includes parents, families and other community members in a productive collaboration toward success for all students. Drawing on his own experience as a principal who used the PLC process to transform a struggling school into an award-winning one, Provencio demonstrates how F‒12 schools can use the focus on learning, collaboration and results at the heart of the PLC process to not merely enhance family engagement but also create a collaborative culture in which all stakeholders become educators.

School leaders will:

  • gain insight into the importance of family engagement with schools
  • learn how the PLC process can foster engagement with community stakeholders
  • discover strategies to encourage involvement in goal setting and accomplishment within schools
  • find out how to overcome barriers facing economically disadvantaged families and communities
  • utilise tools for assessing and strengthening their school’s community connections.
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