Ready for Anything

Four Touchstones for Future-Focused Learning

By: Suzette Lovely

Foreword by: Sean Covey

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ISBN: 9781760940096

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Publish Date: 11 October 2019

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In Ready for Anything, author Suzette Lovely encourages educators to refine their practice to best prepare student for the future. Ready for Anything focuses on learning, not teaching, as the focal point for action, and introduces four touchstones that will invigorate students’ curiosity and aspirations to prepare them for tertiary-level education, careers and life after school.

F–12 teachers and administrators will:

Become familiar with 21st century changes that affect students' lives
Learn practical approaches to create enriching learning experiences that engage students
Understand the necessity of improving their craft to best prepare students for the future
Discover why learning, not teaching, should guide classroom change
Use Points to Ponder and Rapid-Fire Ideas to help implement each chapter's strategies and ideas.

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