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Two-for-One Teaching: Connecting Instruction to Student Values

Author: Lauren Porosoff, Jonathan Weinstein

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ISBN: 9781760940065

No of Pages: 246

Publish date: 21/10/2019

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When students look back on your class, what do you want them to remember? What do you want them to have learned about them-selves? In Two-for-One Teaching: Connecting Instruction to Student Values, authors Lauren Porosoff and Jonathan Weinstein help K–12 teachers leverage academic work as opportunities for students to discover and pursue the values that matter to them. This isn’t an add-on to instruction; it’s academic learning and social-emotional learning, together – two skills for the price of one. Students will clarify their values, discover the extent to which their behaviours align and change them accordingly, and evaluate how they feel with these new behaviours.

With this book, readers will:

  • Develop an understanding of what values are, how they impact the way we live and the need for students to choose and live their own values

  • Understand how to develop a classroom culture that encourages student empowerment and willingness

  • Help students approach academic work in ways that align with their values

  • Explore ways to integrate values exploration into student learning throughout instructional units

  • Receive numerous customisable research-based protocols that simultaneously facilitate academic and social-emotional growth.